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Ultrasonic cleaning machines have strong solid permeability and exceptional cleaning capabilities for objects immersed in liquid under the machine, as long as they can clean the inside, outside, and surface of liquid objects.
A circulating filtering device is arranged on the side of the circulating crawler type ultrasonic cleaning machine. Stainless steel circulating pump and stainless steel filter are selected to effectively filter out cleaning liquid.
The residue has the dual functions of cost saving and purification effect, which can make the cleaning fluid recycled. However, given that cleanliness is essentially a non mandatory quality indicator,
Therefore, when testing and evaluating, we did follow the standards established by the enterprise group. In order to standardize and unify the implementation of group engine cleanliness tests,
为了提高试验质量,提出了“发动机结构清洁度残留颗粒重量测定”标准pv 3347。毫无疑问,他们对标准生产感兴趣。
In order to improve the test quality, the standard "Determination of residual particle weight for engine structural cleanliness" (PV3347) was proposed. There is no doubt that they are interested in standard production.
(1) Thoroughly clean dead corners of workpieces: Ultrasonic cleaning machines have significant cleaning effects on workpieces that cannot be cleaned by hand or other cleaning methods, fully meeting cleaning requirements, and can remove stains from complex dead corners of workpieces;
(2) Batch cleaning of various workpieces: Regardless of how complex the shape of the workpiece is, it is necessary to put it into the cleaning liquid. As long as it is in contact with the liquid, the effect of ultrasonic cleaning can be achieved. Ultrasonic cleaning machines are particularly suitable for workpieces with complex shapes and structures.
(3) Multifunctional cleaning: Ultrasonic cleaning machines can combine different solvents to achieve different effects and meet different supporting production processes, such as oil removal, rust removal, dust removal, wax removal, debris removal, or phosphating, passivation, pottery making, electroplating, etc.
(4) Pollution reduction: Ultrasonic cleaning can effectively reduce pollution, reduce the harm of toxic solvents to human health, and is environmentally friendly and efficient.
Reduce manual work: Using an ultrasonic cleaner can achieve automatic cleaning and drying of the workpiece. Only one operator can be assigned to the upper and lower parts of the workpiece, greatly reducing the number of personnel and time required for manual cleaning and cleaning.
(5) Shorten working time: The cleaning time of the ultrasonic cleaning machine is shortened by a quarter compared to manual cleaning.
Reduce labor intensity: Manual cleaning: Poor cleaning environment, heavy manual labor, and long time ultrasonic cleaning of complex mechanical parts: Low labor intensity, clean and orderly cleaning environment, and automatic and efficient cleaning of complex parts.
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