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  大家在选购超声波清洗机的时候都会注意到一个参数,那是频率。超声波清洗机的频率种类很多,那么在选择的时候选择哪一频率的更好呢?不同频率有什么区别?接下来给大家介绍一下相关知识。  当我们看到这些参数的时候,大概率会先入为主的认为频率越高也也好。事实上清洗效果而言,高频的反而没有低频的清洗效果好。

When choosing an ultrasonic cleaning machine, everyone will pay attention to a parameter, which is frequency. There are many types of frequencies for ultrasonic cleaning machines, so which frequency is better to choose when choosing? What is the difference between different frequencies? Next, I will introduce relevant knowledge to everyone. When we see these parameters, we are likely to assume that the higher the frequency, the better. In fact, in terms of cleaning effect, high-frequency cleaning is not as effective as low-frequency cleaning.


Of course, relatively speaking, it does not mean that the cleaning effect of high-frequency ultrasound is not good. The high-frequency application range is mainly for cleaning glasses, watch straps, jewelry and other objects, suitable for precision cleaning. Low frequency ultrasound is suitable for larger, rough materials that are not afraid of damage, such as some metal workpieces in industry.


The cavitation effect of low-frequency ultrasound is stronger, with greater energy and better cleaning effect, but it also causes greater damage to the cleaned object;



The cavitation effect of high-frequency ultrasound is relatively weak, and the cleaning effect is relatively weak, but it causes less damage to objects and is suitable for precision item cleaning.


So when choosing an ultrasonic cleaning machine, it should be based on the object being cleaned. Many single frequency ultrasonic cleaning machines have a frequency of around 40kHz, as this is a very moderate frequency band suitable for most situations in production and daily life.

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