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The fully automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine sprays the cleaning solution from the tank side, promoting cleaning through the stirring force of the cleaning solution. Strong cleaning ability compared to immersion cleaning. The brush is installed in the cleaning chamber, and the workpiece has a special support or fixture. While the cleaning agent is soaked or moistened, it mainly relies on the mechanical friction between the brush and the workpiece for cleaning, as a primary cleaning, with a direct effect. The vacuum cleaning in the cleaning tank generates negative pressure, and due to the pressure reduction, the detergent can better penetrate into the gaps of the washed object. If combined with ultrasound, the cleaning effect will be greatly improved.
The fully automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine is an indispensable product in the cleaning industry today. Its emergence has solved the cleaning problem, improved the cleaning efficiency of the cleaning industry, and solved the problem of time-consuming and labor-intensive manual cleaning. Ultrasonic equipment is irreplaceable in today's cleaning industry. So, how to maintain the ultrasonic cleaning machine?
1、 Maintain a good environment
In order to effectively maintain the ultrasonic cleaning machine, it is very important to prepare well. Therefore, before maintenance, it is necessary to ensure a good environment around the cleaning machine, and ensure that the control box is away from water vapor, various dust, and various corrosive gases. Starting from the details, it is in a budding state, which not only avoids secondary maintenance, but also plays a leading role in the next step of work.
2、 Observe the washing solution and clean the dirt
The ultrasonic cleaning machine converts sound energy into mechanical vibration and radiates the cleaning solution into the ultrasonic wave through the cleaning tank wall, maintaining the vibration of the cleaning solution and achieving efficient cleaning effect. Therefore, it is particularly important to observe the cleaning solution during maintenance. If the cleaning solution is too swollen or discolored, it should be replaced in a timely manner. In addition, the dirt inside the tank should be cleaned regularly to improve the durability of the cleaning instrument.
3、 Control time
Many devices are put on hold or run for a long time, and many devices may have some minor problems to some extent. Therefore, users need to operate the equipment regularly and pay attention to its stability. Of course, after long-term operation of the ultrasonic cleaning instrument, users need to stop it in a timely manner to buffer. Only by reasonably controlling the time of the ultrasonic cleaning machine can unnecessary damage caused by long-term use be avoided.









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