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Wastewater treatment equipment refers to various devices and machines used to treat wastewater, usually including various filters, sedimentation tanks, aeration devices, activated carbon adsorbers, ion exchangers, and reverse osmosis devices. The main purpose of these devices is to remove various harmful substances from wastewater, in order to purify water quality and protect the environment.

  1. 过滤器

1. Filter


Filters are one of the most common wastewater treatment equipment, whose main function is to remove impurities such as suspended solids, particles, and colloids from wastewater. A filter usually consists of a container and a filtering medium, which can be sand, activated carbon, ceramics, etc. When wastewater passes through the filter, impurities are intercepted by the filter medium, and purified water flows out from the bottom of the container.

  2. 沉淀池

2. Sedimentation tank


Sedimentation tanks are another common type of wastewater treatment equipment, whose main function is to remove heavy metal ions and suspended solids from wastewater. A sedimentation tank usually consists of a rectangular tank, in which wastewater is left to settle for a long time. Solid impurities settle at the bottom of the tank, and purified water flows out from above the tank.

  3. 曝气装置

3. Aeration device


Aeration device is a device used to improve the efficiency of wastewater treatment, and its main function is to increase the oxygen content in wastewater to promote the growth and reproduction of aerobic microorganisms. The aeration device usually consists of an aeration head, an aeration pipeline, and an aeration machine. The air is compressed and injected into the wastewater through the aeration machine, increasing the oxygen content in the wastewater.

  4. 活性炭吸附器

4. Activated carbon adsorber



Activated carbon adsorber is an efficient wastewater treatment equipment, whose main function is to remove harmful substances such as organic matter, ammonia nitrogen, and heavy metal ions from wastewater. Activated carbon has strong adsorption capacity and can effectively remove various harmful substances from wastewater. Activated carbon adsorbers usually consist of a container and activated carbon. When wastewater passes through the activated carbon adsorption layer, harmful substances are adsorbed on the surface of the activated carbon, and purified water flows out from the bottom of the container.

  5. 离子交换器

5. Ion exchanger


Ion exchangers are advanced wastewater treatment equipment that primarily remove heavy metal ions and harmful anions from wastewater. Ion exchange agents are usually synthetic resins with strong ion exchange capabilities. When wastewater passes through an ion exchanger, heavy metal ions and harmful anions exchange with cations and anions in the ion exchange agent, thereby removing harmful substances.

  6. 反渗透装置

6. Reverse osmosis device


Reverse osmosis device is an advanced wastewater treatment equipment, whose main function is to remove harmful substances such as salt and organic matter from wastewater. Reverse osmosis membrane is a semi permeable membrane that only allows water molecules to pass through and prevents the passage of salts and other harmful substances. When wastewater passes through a reverse osmosis membrane, water molecules penetrate from one side of the membrane to the other, while salts and other harmful substances are blocked on the surface of the membrane. The purified water flows out from the other side of the membrane.


In summary, there are many types of wastewater treatment equipment, each with its specific function and scope of application. In practical applications, it is necessary to choose appropriate equipment combinations and treatment processes based on the nature of wastewater and treatment requirements, in order to achieve the best treatment effect.

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