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The usage methods and precautions for low-temperature wastewater recovery equipment are as follows:
(1) 进液:通过外部泵浦将高浓度液进入计量装置水罐,真空压力达到时自动阀门开启吸入釜槽内,完成进液与计量。
(1) Liquid inlet: High concentration liquid is pumped into the water tank of the metering device through an external pump. When the vacuum pressure reaches, the automatic valve is opened and sucked into the tank to complete liquid inlet and metering.
(2) 加热:进液完成后打开蒸汽阀门透过夹套对废液进行加热,与危废中的水分行热交换,为降低含水率提供热能。
(2) Heating: After the liquid inlet is completed, open the steam valve to heat the waste liquid through the jacket, and exchange heat with the water in the hazardous waste to provide heat energy to reduce the water content.
(3) 蒸馏:直空泵对整体环节抽直空-80到-90kPa。水分在约45°C即沸腾蒸发低温状态可避免其他物质因高温而二次质变。直空环境使水蒸发条件雨有效让今水率降低雨快。通过搅拌装置避免焦结成块。
(3) Distillation: The straight air pump directly empties the entire process to -80 to -90kPa. The low temperature state of boiling evaporation of water at about 45 ° C can avoid secondary transformation of other substances due to high temperatures. The direct air environment allows for water evaporation, which effectively reduces the current water rate and accelerates rainfall. Avoid coking and agglomeration through a stirring device.
(4) 排渣:加热过程搅拌均匀受热,可设定蒸煮周期与批次后,将釜残透过搅拌装置自动排出,完成排出工作。
(4) Slag discharge: During the heating process, stir evenly and receive heat. The cooking cycle and batch can be set, and the residue in the kettle can be automatically discharged through the mixing device to complete the discharge work.
(5) 排水:危废中蒸发的水蒸气通过冷凝装置成为干净的蒸馏回收水,于回收水槽存放,透过泵将回收水依照客户规划进行后续使用。
(5) Drainage: The evaporated water vapor from hazardous waste is condensed into clean distilled and recycled water through a condensing device, stored in a recycling tank, and pumped through a pump for subsequent use according to customer plans.
(1) 确保锅炉正常工作;
(1) Ensure the normal operation of the boiler;
(2) 安装前应先检查一下锅炉是否有泄漏和渗漏现象;
(2) Before installation, the boiler should be checked for any leaks or leaks;
(3) 在操作中如果遇到问题,请及时联系人员;
(3) If you encounter any problems during operation, please contact professional personnel in a timely manner to solve them;
(4) 安装结束后,要对系统进行调试,以保证顺利启动。
(4) After installation, the system needs to be debugged to ensure smooth startup.
The above are the usage methods and precautions for low-temperature wastewater recovery equipment for your reference.









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