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High pressure deburring cleaning machine is a commonly used equipment in industrial production, used to remove burrs and impurities on the surface of parts. It adopts a high-pressure jet method, using high-pressure water flow or other media to impact the surface of objects, removing burrs and attachments.


The following is the general workflow of a high-pressure deburring cleaning machine:

  1. 加载物体:将需要清洗的零件或物体放置在清洗机的清洗区域。

1. Load object: Place the parts or objects that need to be cleaned in the cleaning area of the cleaning machine.

  2. 调整设定:根据清洗对象的特性和要求,调整清洗机的相关参数,如压力、流量、喷嘴角度、距离等。

2. Adjust settings: Based on the characteristics and requirements of the cleaning object, adjust the relevant parameters of the cleaning machine, such as pressure, flow rate, nozzle angle, distance, etc.

  3. 喷射清洗:启动清洗机,高压水流或介质通过喷嘴喷射出来,以高速冲击物体表面。该过程产生的冲击力可以有效去除毛刺和污垢。


3. Spray cleaning: Start the cleaning machine, and high-pressure water or medium is sprayed out through the nozzle to impact the surface of the object at high speed. The impact force generated by this process can effectively remove burrs and dirt.

  4. 过滤处理:清洗过程中,可能会有一些溶解的杂质或颗粒物产生,需要通过过滤系统进行分离和过滤处理,以防止再次附着在物体表面。

4. Filtration treatment: During the cleaning process, there may be some dissolved impurities or particles that need to be separated and filtered through a filtration system to prevent re adhesion to the surface of the object.

  5. 检查和重复:检查清洗效果,如仍有残留物或需要进一步清洗的区域,可进行多次清洗操作,直到达到要求的清洁程度。

5. Inspection and repetition: Check the cleaning effect. If there is still residue or areas that need further cleaning, multiple cleaning operations can be carried out until the required level of cleanliness is achieved.

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