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  High pressure spray cleaning machine


  Equipment composition

  SUS304不锈钢清洗储液箱、 国内高压水泵、化工泵、管道泵,均按照客户需求量身定做。可连续长时间工作、内置式发热系统、可调式温度控制系统、及操作简便、可按客户要求设计及制造 。

  SUS304 advanced stainless steel cleaning storage tank, domestic famous high-pressure water pump, chemical pump, and pipeline pump are all customized according to customer needs. Capable of continuous long-term operation, built-in safety heating system, adjustable temperature control system, safe and easy to operate, and can be designed and manufactured according to customer requirements.


  (1) Can perform large-scale continuous automatic operations.


  (2) Suitable for cleaning simple structures and pipe fittings.20210630031255244.jpg


  (3) Galvanized and stainless steel shells can be used, with internal spray pipes and enclosed through channels. The whole machine is a fully enclosed structure, welded with stainless steel or (square) skeleton. The upper cover of the cleaning machine adopts a single-layer structure, made of stainless steel plate, with an insulation layer on the outside to reduce energy consumption.


  The storage tank adopts a single-layer structure and is made of SUS304 stainless steel plate; Internally, the partition is divided into several areas to achieve filtration of cleaning solution, sedimentation of iron filings, oil filtration, and oil separation; The storage tank is equipped with a water replenishment port, a liquid discharge port, and an overflow port. The bottom is tilted from both sides towards the middle, and the cleaning solution is centrally discharged from the discharge port at the bottom of the tank.


  The liquid tank is equipped with a liquid level controller, which promptly reminds to replenish and stop water when the liquid level is abnormal. Implement emergency shutdown in case of abnormal situations.


  The rust proof box is equipped with a stainless steel electric heater inside, which can raise the liquid from room temperature to operating temperature within 30-60 minutes. The temperature is automatically controlled within the range of 10-90 ℃, manually set and automatically controlled. Equipped with temperature control instrument for automatic display. Stick insulation cotton on the outside of the liquid tank to prevent heat dissipation.


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